Terms and conditions for joining the INVENTION collective

§1 – To become a member of the INVENTION collective the collective has to answer and accept your application. If they did not accept your application, the following paragraphs are invalid.

§2 – The INVENTION collective has to mention the creator of every piece of art they publish.

§3 – The INVENTION collective can publish all of the work the artist/s are giving to the collective.

§4 – The INVENTION collective can also use the artists work for trailers, banners, clothing, advertisment and other work that is connected to the INVENTION collective.

§5 – The INVENTION collective is not indebted to publish all the work, the artist/s is/are giving to them.

§6 – Art which was already published can only be deleted by the collectives editors.

§7 – If an artist leaves the INVENTION collective, his/her art which was released during his/her time as a member of the INVENTION collective still can be used by the INVENTION collective.

§8 – The whole advertising revenue has to reinvested in other projects.

§9 – The artists can ask for financial support, if they wants to realize a project they got in his mind. The editors of the INVENTION collective have to discuss with other collective members, if the artist/s get the financial support (advertising revenues, clothing revenues, etc.)

§10 – The collective serves as an mediator to sell the work of the artist/s.

§11 – The INVENTION collective get 15% of the revenue per song/artwork/photography/sculpture or other form of art which was selled by the INVENTION collective. This 15% also has to reinvested in other projects.