Paul Kyppers // NO FLOWERS

Paul SW Portrait I

Complex harmonies and aggressive sounds are Pauls quintessential musical preferences whether he composes under Paul Kyppers or produces as NO FLOWERS.

Inspired by composers, such as Igor Stravinsky and Jacob Collier, he is highly influenced by the Jazz-cosmos and classical music, but also electronic genres like IDM, Techno and UK-Garage. The expressive artist tries to create a new sound, that brings the electronic, dissonances and expanded harmony together.

Within his project NO FLOWERS, Paul combines electronic music with different styles.

As Paul Kyppers, he focusses on composing and improvisation in more unstructured musical pieces.

But Pauls’ strength does not only lie in music. The artist has a huge preference for abstract art. Fernand Leger, Salvador Dalí and Wassily Kandinsky are artists, influencing his own rather cubistic paintings. NO FLOWERS loves watching anime, such as “Naruto” an “Black Butler” and movies by Quentin Tarantino, because he consideres them art.

The artists interests also lie in philosophy and politics.


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