Joey Hansel


Joey Hansel is the name of an artist living in Potsdam, Germany. His art revolves around Humans, their emotions and actions, their past and their future. His art can be considered a part of the abstract realism. The artist specializes on sculpturing and painting – mostly acrylic – but he does not fear trying out new surfaces to paint on or new ways of transferring his thoughts and emotions on canvas. Eudald de Juana, Auguste Rodin and Michelangelo, to mention just a few, are artists that highly influenced his style of art.

Through his paintings and sculptures Joey Hansel wants to tell stories and implant feelings and emotions in the viewers mind. Many of his creations retell situations he has been through. By looking at his art the viewer will be able to interpret it in many different ways and maybe find a fitting situation he or she has already been through. That makes the art of Joey Hansel so unique and valuable.

Besides his art Joey Hansel lives for Basketball and is interested in scientific progress, robotics and reading, mostly sci-fi books.


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