Emilian Tsubaki

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Emilian Tsubaki is a photographer and video artist from Leipzig, Germany.

At the age of six he started filming his environment and himself making music. In 2009 he realized the play ‘Nebelschwaden in Limburg’ together with Mitschiko Tsubaki. One year later he started playing theatre at the Opera Leipzig until 2014.

Emilian Tsubaki got an award at the film festival ‘DEINBLICK IN DIE NATUR’ in Munich for his documentary about coal mining in Saxony. One year later he won the highest award for his wildlife documentary ‘Natur im Wandel der Jahreszeiten’ at the same festival and the highest school project award at the ‘VISIONALE LEIPZIG’ for the short film ‘US & THEM’, which he created together with other students from Leipzig.

In the last few years he made music videos and trailers for the ‘Gewandhauschor Leipzig’, the duo ‘Bradbury Pop’ and other artists from Leipzig.

He also created a lot of travelling and comedy videos for his channel on YouTube.

Today his main interests lie in wildlife, underwater and culture photography. He also produces Lounge Jazz, House and Synthwave and has a big passion for cooking.


Travel & Culture photography

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Architecture & Structure photography

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Film & Video


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