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INVENTION Release Trailer

INVENTION’s release means a lot to us. As we met all the members today our collective had grown together. We are happy to announce our first releases in the near future, the first being the EP created by Young Amplifon and NO FLOWERS. Supporting us would mean a lot. Showing alternative art is our passion

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  To join the INVENTION collective you must be an artist of any kind. Within our part ‘JOIN US‘ you will find a form, which has to be filled with basic data and your artistic activity. An example of yours has to be shown with a link, directing to a website. After you are considered

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INVENTION’s content is a variety of creative activities. Music videos, interviews, articles, artist portfolios, dancing videos and even documentaries about street musicians will be an important part of INVENTION’s repertoire. Beside the music and art content we also want to share fragments of our life (e.g. travelling, behind the scenes footage) and our podcast/cooking show

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