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To join the INVENTION collective you must be an artist of any kind.

Within our part ‘JOIN US‘ you will find a form, which has to be filled with basic data and your artistic activity.

An example of yours has to be shown with a link, directing to a website.

After you are considered a member of INVENTION there now is the possibility for you to get creative on our several platforms. You now have the ability to write essays and articles on our website.

You and your work will be promoted on our websites and on our social networks and we want to help you out selling your art.

But that is not it! Together with your talent and the help of the other artists we also want to realize big projects like musical collaborations, short films and even live concerts.

When you become a member of the collective, we also want to invite you to our podcast/cooking show ‘Mit vollem Mund spricht man’. In this monthly published show we’re talking and eating with the collectives members and special guests.


If you got further questions, you can send us an e-mail to:


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