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INVENTION’s content is a variety of creative activities.

Music videos, interviews, articles, artist portfolios, dancing videos and even documentaries about street musicians will be an important part of INVENTION’s repertoire.

Beside the music and art content we also want to share fragments of our life (e.g. travelling, behind the scenes footage) and our podcast/cooking show “Mit vollem Mund spricht man” (Speaking with one’s mouth full) which will be released monthly.

Audiovisual and written content is in english. German videos will be subtitled.

INVENTION features more than just music and fine arts.
Since we are lovers of the culinary, we will showcase delicious food.
Jan 1
We also want to share our travel experiences with you.

We will constantly release our content on YouTube, Soundcloud, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and on this website, of course.

The whole content is 100% made by the collectives members.

You can find the hyperlinks to our social networks on the websites footer.


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